<transcy>EIJI T-SHIRTS BOAT NECK Age three-quarter sleeve T-shirt Boat neck</transcy>

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EIJI's original T-shirt made from 100% of the world's best organic cotton, Ultimate Pima. It has a smooth feel and is soft and light, and the more you wear it, the more it fits into your skin. It is a high-quality piece created by the delicate techniques of Osaka craftsmen. EIJI's popular with women Boat neck three-quarter sleeve T-shirt So, it is the first place that you can fully experience the comfort of EIJI by being wrapped in a soft touch. All colors can be created. It may take some time to make the boat neck, so we will contact you in that case. In addition, EIJI's 3/4 sleeves are designed to be just the right length, 5.5 sleeves and 6 3/4 sleeves, which are slightly longer than the elbows when worn in just the right size. * The size notation is for unisex men. Women's size is EIJI notation XXXS size ⇒ Women's XS size equivalent EIJI notation XXS size ⇒ Women's S size equivalent EIJI notation XS size ⇒ Women's M size equivalent EIJI notation S size ⇒ Women's L size equivalent EIJI notation M size ⇒ Women's XL size equivalent. .....